Here's a summary of the latest Welsh Government Report on a Welsh Flood Forum. The report doesn't  seem to be available on the Welsh Government website yet. I got a copy from Scotland (thanks 'Ian')! Responding to the National Assembly for Wales’ Flood Inquiry’s call for a Welsh Flood Forum, the report recommends a Flood Support Service (FSS) and a National Framework for Flood Support (NFFS). The NFFS would be co-ordinated by the FSS and ‘owned’ by the Welsh Government. The report does not refer to the increased incidence of extreme weather or the relation between flooding and climate change. The unpredictable nature of flooding is referred to, however, an acknowledgement perhaps of recent pluvial flooding. The NFFS includes ‘an idealised set of tasks that can be mapped onto a flood cycle’’, and a set of cross-cutting themes. Tasks include identifying differential vulnerabilities, existing capacities and resilience. Community participation and building capacity and resilience are included in cross-cutting themes. The FSS would have central role in delivering the NFFS, be an advocate for communities affected by flooding, communicate with policy-makers and delivery agencies. It is suggested that flood awareness be embedded in wider community development work, highlighting communities who may be sceptical about flood awareness. Communities are noted as including individuals, businesses and community groups, presumably defined mainly by residence or presence in place (rather than, say, wider communities of interest). Measuring the success of the NFFS would include the point of view of affected communities and individuals.

AD Research & Analysis Ltd, Whitmarsh, L. & Butler, C. (2012) Flood Advocacy & Support Service for Communities in Wales. Welsh Government. Cardiff.
10/12/2013 12:35:26 am

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