Just click on 'comments' to have your say about any aspect of flooding in Wales, a flood forum for wales, climate change or whatever. Anything you want to say at any length is good, but constructive comment/debate is particularly welcome. What we'd like to get going here is interaction, hammering out the issues....


Mick Fothergill
06/16/2013 9:32am

Flood Forum for wales - essential - having been seriously flooded I have so many comments and ideas on what a flood forum should do.
1. Provide immediate information and support to flooded victims - this could be in the form of a leaflet spelling out the issues that you will face in your home, with your insurance company, with your builders et
2. Provide a list of volunteers to help in emergency operations
3. Provide support in dealing with organisations, councils etc.
4. Lobby political bodies to take action
5. Provide consumer information on flood resilient products (kitchen cabinets, sump pumps, flood protection etc)
5. Provide a forum for areas to discuss flood prevention schemes for the future

It should be possible, indeed essential, that flooded areas develop flood action plans and long term plans to reduce flood problems - The Flood Forum could provide experience and advice.
In our area repair to river banks, bridges and new building work is taking place piecemeal. We need this work to fit into an overall flood reduction scheme for the whole area.


06/17/2013 2:34pm

Thanks Mick for your comments, I think much of the stumbling block is that those who make decisions have never been flooded themselves. Accurate advice, information, reassurance and guidance is crucial to the rebuilding of communities where ever they are. Talybont is an outstanding representation of a community coming together and establishing a community flood group, and its success is as much a tribute to its chair, as the quality of those who belong to the group.
Its taken a long time to build the knowledge base with which to be able to provide recovery support to communities and its not the sort of thing that can be passed on in a couple of days training. This is a old fashioned type apprenticeship where you learn as much 'on the job' as you do through study.
Currently the SFF provides help and support following a flood incedient in promoting community resilience through Flood Wardens and Community emergency plans,
I would advise anyone looking to develop a Flood Forum in Wales to look no further than Talybont Flood Group as a perfect representation of what can be acheived in an community where the Flood Forum is invited to work.
Come on Welsh Government if Scotland can do it surely you can lean from what has been done North of the Border - and this from a Weshman.

Stephen Blakeman (Barry Floods)
07/16/2013 2:46am

I would like to tell our story and let people what can be done when a group of people work together in the community. It was a very wet summer July morning, we all woke up to heavy rain I live next to a park this was very bad day and we were all in our homes.
The water which was pouriing down the hill and heading in only one direction towards our bungalows it was 10am when it started. The whole community was helping one and other this was sewage comming out of your toilet and clean water mixing together. After we had run our insurance company s then the blame game began and asking how we were going to cope, after all this wasn't a river this was a culvert and drains that had been blocked and up lifted. We then set up a committee which I was asked to chair, I will tell you now there are lots of culverts out there that could end up like ours unless people like us in the community check them and have your council do it to its there responsabilty. we have to date got over £1,000000 pounds of funding from welsh government and European funds I am proud that with help of our community we have learned a great deal about working together and that is why I'm asking for our own welsh flood forum this is very important for us all to help surport .

ian lang
01/28/2014 8:00am

My name is ian lang. I am a reporter with itv in Wales. I am trying to find a case study of someone who has flood defended their home for a feature i am planning on the situation in Wales.
I am also looking for people who might have something to say on the issue.
As a journalist I have covered many flood and it depresses me that despite the clear warnings many people whose homes are in risk areas continue to take no action to protect their homes and avoid the misery.


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