Welcome to Flood Wales, a blog for everyone in Wales and beyond - water is no respecter of borders! - to share stories of flooding. If you've been flooded or flood defences are being built in your area, you have a story to tell. If you have experience with the environment agency or other government agencies, with the emergency services, with insurance companies etc, you can share it here. Does this flooding have anything to do with climate change? Is everyone who is affected being treated equally and fairly? What are we going to do about flooding in the future: Where and how shall we build our homes, for instance? The aim of Flood Wales is to share stories which may otherwise seep away with the receding flood waters. We can learn from each other's experiences, help each other out, and make our voices heard. So, please add your comments, photos etc.
2/3/2013 08:53:51 pm

Nice one for setting this up Kelvin, how about putting the link and invite to post on swapshop, I could put it on the weekly email, and maybe you could get in the cambrian news?


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